Baird Beer is hands-down one of the best breweries in Japan – and believe us, we’ve sampled a lot of ji-biru in our travels there. Baird is a husband-and-wife operation, run by Bryan and Sayuri near the fishing community of Numazu, just a few hours south of Tokyo. Their mission is simple: “Celebrating Beer.” And celebrate they do; Baird’s beers are among the most complex we’ve run across, following their mantra: “Balance + Complexity = Character.”

The result? Nothing overpowers; everything is deep and balanced, with a world of flavors no matter the style. Though Baird’s beers cost a little bit more than some of our other offerings, but once you try them, you’ll understand why we’re so passionate about this wonderful Japanese craft brewery. And if you're ever in the Tokyo area, make sure to check out their taprooms for great food and even better beer.