Looking for a cutting-edge brew that challenges not only your tastebuds, but your very notions of what a beer can be? Look no further than Mikkeller. Mikkel started as a home-brewer in Denmark, and now he phantom-brews throughout Europe; he doesn't own a brewery himself, but works with some of the best to make his award-winning beers. He's rightfully been called a "mad scientist" and the "rock star" of the European brewing scene, but that only begins to describe his approach. Mikkeller's beers are constantly changing; every week, he introduces new beers and retires some others. The goal is simple: to challenge your thoughts of what a beer will be; to use only the best ingredients; to work with some of the best breweries on earth (Mikkeller loves to collaborate with others); and to never sit still. Expect to be surprised - and pleased!