Kagua Japanese Citrus Saison
  • Kagua Japanese Citrus Saison
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Classified as a saison-style beer, Kagua Japanese Citrus Saison’s ingredients harmonize the fresh and vivid aroma of the Japanese herbs of “yuzu” and “sansho.” While the former is being sourced from Umaji village in Kochi Prefecture and the latter is from Aridagawa village in Wakayama Prefecture, both are of the highest quality available. Yuzu and sansho have long been used in the Kagua series, but they are now being combined with the fruity aroma of the saison’s yeast to produce the limited-run beer.

The excitement and soft carbonic acid of the Kagua Series remain intact, according to Far Yeast Brewing Company, adding that it still finishes with a dry taste to match its light body and has an alcohol content of 6%. The company said fans will be able to best enjoy the freshness of the latest offering by chilling it well and pairing it with colorful summer salads filled with ripe vegetables, perfectly smoked tuna full of fatty goodness, juicy roasted chicken right out of the oven or any dish that features the rich, complex herbal flavors commonly found in Asian cuisine.